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 Life Jacket Checks
We all spend a great amount of time cleaning, checking and servicing the RIB, but how much attention do we pay to that important piece of equipment that we hope well never need to use? If you have an air inflation life jacket, you not only expect it to inflate on demand, but to hold the air as well. Yet the life jacket cover could be abraded, or even punctured, as its probably been stowed in a console or under a seat when its not worn.

So, when did you last test your life jacket? You dont have to activate the compressed air canister to check that it will hold air, the test is completely nondestructive!

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 A Fishy Tale
This years trip to Fowey in Cornwall was a great success for the club and those that took part. The fast ferry was out there somewhere!

The event started with 3 boats (Sea Devil, Tweety Pie, Marikh and Caprisante ) all meeting up at Old Harry rock just outside of Poole at 9.00 am. The plan was for myself and the rest of the crew onboard Scorpion to sweep the course an hour later to make sure no one had any problems. I guessed that by the time we had got to the west of Lyme Bay we should be just a few miles behind them.

Unfortunately when we left the Needles thick fog descended and we were only able to run at 17 knots or so. At times the fog was so thick that the visibility was down to twenty metres or so, a little worrying knowing that the fast Sea Cat ferry from Poole was out there somewhere.

Thick fog precedes calm seas... GO ON READ MORE !!!

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 A Wight Good Easter Cruise
14th - 17th April 2005 φ Easter Solent/Isle of Wight Cruise

The Easter Cruise has become established as a great way for starting the season, meeting up with friends and exploring the Solent area. This year was no exception, apart from the fact we had volunteered to be cruise co-ordinator this year.

The official cruise began on Good Friday but we and a number of other boats agreed to head down to Yarmouth, Isle of Wight, during Thursday and accordingly, we arrived at our base, Ocean Quay Marina on the Itchen River, late morning on Thursday 13 April and loaded up our Ribeye 785, Cutting Edge, with what seemed like enough bags for a three week expedition not a weekend (one drawback to having three females in our family)... More info... read the PDF

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 Norman Invasion
Late last August, Chris and I cruised up to Rouen and immediately fell in love with the place, so we decided to run a cruise there this year to share the delights with fellow RIBsters. Early Spring 2005 and we had been looking in diaries and calendars and deciding when to go, when the phone rang and John Puddifoot was on the other end.

Why dont you arrange the cruise to Honfleur and Rouen for the Early May Bank Holiday weekend? he suggested, Because that is the weekend of the Rouen 24 hour Powerboat race.

Read more details in the full article !

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 It Rained on the Seine
Ten club boats registered for the cruise but finally, due to a variety of reasons, we were down to four: Seahound V with Chris Strickland, My Pleasure with Gordon Compton, Tweety Pie with Martin Humphray and Ribaleta with Sir Charles Blois. Other members, who were unable to travel the same time as the cruise, made their way to Rouen by various means of transport.

The Rouen 24 hour race is for 3 classes of circuit boats. They race on a 2 mile course around an island in the river and travel at speeds of up to 110 mph, depending on the class.

They have to run all day and night with the race starting on Sunday at 16:00 and finishing on Monday 24 hours later. Each team has four drivers and they generally change every 2 hours when refuelling. The engine cannot be changed, but can be rebuilt everything else can be changed.

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