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 Over and Out in 1992, this is how NOT to handle a 6m RIB in choppy seas.
This is the story of an over enthusiastic, inexperienced and (very) silly chap who should have known better ... me!

There are lessons here for all RIB users from having the correct clothing to wearing an engine 'kill cord' to having the means to summon assistance ON YOU, as well as on your RIB.

I was very fortunate that Lady Luck smiled on me but I won't be relying on luck to get me out of any future incidents, preparation would be good!

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This internationally famous race was just the ticket for Hot Lemon… ROUGH!

The balance of her stepped hull and the torque of her twin diesel engines enabled her to power ahead of ALL other craft in the 20 boat fleet and she led the race for more than 100 miles.

Her racing bolster seats and special ‘shock mitigation flooring’ enabled Mike and Dave to concentrate on the job in hand and driver Dave took full advantage of Hot Lemon’s rough water strengths whilst navigator Mike ensured they found all the race marks and kept HL properly trimmed for the conditions. On YouTube there is some fantastic video of Hot Lemon passing Portland Bill in this event ; however, there was to be a sting in the tail, read on …

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